Three cutting edges for the most economical drilling in steel

Three cutting edge drilling tool for steel machining


Users machine steel with the three-edged Tritan-Drill-Steel drill significantly more economically than with double-edged drills, among other things due to the significantly higher feed rates.

Up to now, double-edged drills with a flat chisel edge in the centre have generally been used for drilling in steel. Due to a pendulum movement along the chisel edge, the required roundness and the cylindrical shape of the bore were often not guaranteed. In addition, high forces acted on both the cutting edges and the guiding chamfers. Three individual chisel edge segments that safely centre the Tritan-Drill-Steel prevent pendulum movements with the new drill.

The Tritan-Drill-Steel owes its robustness to the specially designed main cutting edge shape. The resulting very stable cutting corners reduce the stress on the cutting edges. In addition, MAPAL has adapted the coating to the machining of steel. It significantly increases its resistance to wear during steel machining. Long tool life is the result. The shape of the main cutting edge, which produces short, tightly rolled chips, and the finely ground chip flutes ensure fast and reliable chip removal.

The Tritan-Drill-Steel has also proven itself in difficult drilling situations, for example for cross bores or inclined bore entrances. This allows users, for example, to tap at an angle up to 12° at a length of 5xD.