Tapping, drilling and reaming in one machining step

The picture shows a drill reamer from MAPAL.

Tapping even under unstable conditions

In order to machine as economically as possible and to reduce productive and non-productive times, this is an effective way to combine individual work steps. In order to enable users to do this when machining high-precision bores, MAPAL offers the MEGA-Drill-Reamer for the complete machining of bores. This combines the tapping, drilling from solid and the reaming of the bore in only one step. In this way, users can tap considerable savings potential and machine bores faster and more efficiently without having to forego the high level of accuracy.

Due to the very small chisel edge with a tip angle of 140°, tapping is possible even under unstable conditions. The optimally designed reaming cutting edge creates the best surfaces, a new coating provides long tool life.