Minimise vibrations with long tool projections

The picture shows the plug-on milling cutter arbor with vibration damper from MAPAL in the machine with mounted milling cutter.

Milling cutter arbor with vibration dampening

Vibrations often occur during machining. They cause the system to become dynamically unstable. This can result in unacceptable surface finish, insufficient accuracy, high levels of machining noise, a shortened tool life and, in extreme cases, in broken tools and cutting edges.

To minimise these vibrations and their consequences, MAPAL has developed an innovative system for vibration dampening in the tool shank. In particular, tools for boring and milling with very long projections tend to vibrate due to the insufficient dynamic rigidity of the overall system. When designing the new system, the developers took into account all the factors resulting from the interaction between the machine tool, the tool and its clamp, and the part. The result: A vibration dampening system that is calibrated to the rigidity of all common machine types. It can be used for the machining of a range of workpiece materials with various different tools.

The self-contained system and auxiliary mass and several steel spring packages counteracts and minimises the displacement of the tool body. Compared to tools without an absorber system, the vibration amplitudes can be up to 1,000 times lower. Despite the long projection, the tool runs very smoothly and stably. This allows higher cutting speeds to be used and the material removal rate to be significantly increased. In addition, considerably better surface finished are achieved thanks to the vibration dampening.

Designs of the milling cutter arbor with vibration dampening

  • A vibration damped plug-on milling cutter arbor from MAPAL in MDA design.

    Vibration dampened MDA

  • A vibration-damped plug-on milling cutter arbor from MAPAL in McA.

    With enlarged face connection MCA

  • 1 / 4

    Internal coolant channels

    for optimum coolant supply
  • 2 / 4

    Standardised connection according to DIN 69882-3

    suitable for standard milling cutters with cross slot
  • 3 / 4

    Hard turned surface

    for improved corrosion resistance
  • 4 / 4

    Cylindrical contour

    for optimum accessibility
The illustration illustrates the fact that on the MAPAL plug-on milling cutter arbor the vibration damping is located inside the shank.

Vibration dampening in the milling cutter arbor

  • Smooth, stable running despite long projections
  • Protection of spindle and machine with lower energy consumption
  • Noise is minimised in the machining process

The picture shows the internal coolant supply of the plug-on milling cutter arbor with vibration damping from MAPAL.

Internal coolant supply

  • Internal cooling enables higher cutting speeds with better material removal rates
  • Less blade chipping
  • Optimal cooling of the cutting edge enables deep machining positions

The picture shows the surfaces achieved in a milling operation with the plug-on milling cutter arbor with vibration damping from MAPAL.

Better surface finishes

  • Significantly improved surface with identical cutting data
  • Optimum chip breaking, surfaces are not scratched