Hydraulic chuck for the die & mould sector

On the picture you can see hydraulic expansion toolholders especially for tool and mould making.

Specially coordinated projection lengths and contours for a wide range of applications

Machining in the contour-critical area requires long slim chucks. So far, shrink chucks have mainly been used for this due to their contour. Compared to shrink chucks, however, hydraulic chucks offer some advantages, such as higher accuracy and easier handling. Due to additive manufacturing, MAPAL has succeeded in producing slim hydraulic chucks with a back taper of three degrees. They are suitable for machining in the contour-critical area.

The hydraulic chucks enable the tool to be clamped quickly and easily. Neither training nor high setup costs or costly peripheral devices are required to use them. MAPAL places the clamping range of the chuck as close as possible to the chuck tip. The chucks therefore have an impressive highly precise radial run-out.

The additively manufactured chucks get by without the brazed connection that is otherwise obligatory for hydraulic chucks. This makes them significantly more temperature-resistant.

The ideal combination of application-optimised hydraulic chucks and standard tooling yields high savings potentials during numerous machining operations.
The picture shows a HighTorque Chuck HTC from MAPAL especially for tool and mould making.

HighTorque Chuck – HTC

The HighTorque Chuck hydraulic chuck impresses with its high level of torque transmission, its ideal damping properties, the outstanding rigidity of the entire system and a radial run-out accuracy of < 3 μm.
  • 3° slim design with a back taper of three degrees to avoid tool restrictions
  • Long heavy design to avoid tool restrictions and reduce tool length
  • Short heavy design with resealable cooling channel bores and optimum damping properties for a long tool life​​​​​​​

The picture shows a HydroChuck MHC from MAPAL especially for tool and mould making.

HydroChuck - MHC

The HydroChuck hydraulic chuck is characterised by excellent vibration dampening and high radial run-out accuracy, guaranteeing optimum workpiece surfaces.
  • Ultra-short design: Compact design for high rigidity
  • Hydro DReam Chuck: Long hydraulic chuck for use with standard length tools; reduced tendency to oscillate, increased cutting values​​​​​​​

  • 1 / 6

    Optimum radial run-out

    as the clamping range is positioned close to the chuck tip.
  • 2 / 6

    High level of torque transmission and thermal stability

  • 3 / 6

    Back taper of 3° in the outer contour

    enables machining in the contour-critical area.
  • 4 / 6

    All from one cast

    No brazed connection between sleeve and tool body.
  • 5 / 6

    High flexural strength

    despite the slim design.
  • 6 / 6

    Simple and fast clamping

    thanks to a hexagon head screw.