High-feed machining with large material removal rates

The OptiMill®-3D-HF and OptiMill®-3D-HF-Hardened high-feed milling cutters work reliably even under difficult conditions.

The picture shows different versions of high feed milling cutters from MAPAL for tool and mould making.

OptiMill®-3D-HF and OptiMill®-3D-HF-Hardened high-feed milling cutters

With the OptiMill-3D-HF-Hardened with four or six cutting edges, MAPAL provided machinists with two new high-feed milling cutters for hard machining for milling hardened components (45-66 HRC). The special face geometry ensures that users can work reliably with the milling cutters even under difficult operating conditions such as an interrupted cut.

The four-edged milling cutter is particularly suited for roughing and pre-finishing. Thanks to the lower number of cutting edges, the chip flutes are generously dimensioned. This guarantees the safe removal of the chips. Machinists can also use the milling cutter for long projections and in deep cavities.
When machinists work on even surfaces at high feed rates, the six-edged milling cutter is recommended for roughing, pre-finishing and finishing. The tool produces the best and most even surfaces.

MAPAL offers the OptiMill-3D-HF for the same applications with non-hardened components. The tool has three or four cutting edges. MAPAL has matched its dimensions to its counterpart for hard machining.
The OptiMill® 3D-HF solid carbide high feed milling cutter from MAPAL can be seen in the picture.


Economical roughing of contours in the 2.5D and 3D area with shallow cutting depths and very high feed rates.

The picture shows the OptiMill® 3D-HF-Hardened from MAPAL for tool and mould making.


Especially suited for roughing and finishing of hardened parts with a hardness of 45-66 HRC, as well as in interrupted cut.