• Finished tools are in production at Walter Formenbau. In the foreground a mould.
  • The picture shows different versions of the new circular radius milling cutter from MAPAL for die and mould making.
  • Technologically leading machining solutions

    More and more complex shapes are used in a wide variety of areas. This also increases the strategic importance of mould making for the most important industrial markets.

    Companies in the die & mould sector rely on the most advanced technologies with the aim of achieving maximum accuracy and cost-effectiveness in the shortest possible time.

    As a technology partner, MAPAL provides die and mould production with a high level of process know-how, technologically leading tools and services that exactly meet the needs and requirements of customers.

  • Walter Formenbau trusts in MAPAL’s expertise

    In order to achieve its goal of fully networked production, owner Dr Jens Buchert brought MAPAL on board as a full-range supplier.

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  • Efficient pre-finishing and finishing on 5-axis machines

    The solid carbide milling cutter for finishing of complex free-form surfaces and complicated workpiece geometries.


Getting started in the die & mould sector

Companies that make dies and moulds expect high process and product expertise from their cutting tools manufacturer. They require their tools to offer the highest levels of precision, a long tool life, and – above all – process reliability. It is precisely these aspects that make MAPAL successful in sectors such as the automotive industry, machine engineering and the aerospace industry. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the precision tool manufacturer is now also taking off in the die & mould sector.

Why use MAPAL?

  • All from a single source

    At MAPAL, customers can get everything they need from a single source and take advantage of our specialist knowledge of tooling and processing.

  • Partnership

    The basis of everything we do at MAPAL is a close, open dialogue with customers and, as a result, a long-term partnership on an equal footing.

  • Quality and precision

    MAPAL tools stand for the highest level of quality and cost-effectiveness. Characterised by excellent dimensional accuracy and the highest level of precision.

  • Standard programme

    The range of highly capable tools ensures excellent and reliable results for all machining tasks in the die & mould sector.

  • Technology leadership

    In the machining of cubic components, MAPAL is the technology leader worldwide.

  • On the ground all over the world

    Customer focus isn’t just a buzzword at MAPAL – it forms an essential part of our corporate identity. On a global basis.

All from a single source

  • Tools

    MAPAL offers the complete tool programme for the die & mould sector: from milling and drilling to countersinking and reaming.

  • Clamping technology

    Performance and process reliability – as well as radial run-out and changeover accuracy – in every application are guaranteed by the clamping technology range from MAPAL.

  • Engineering

    The machining specialists provide support with process engineering, e.g. in the form of CAM simulations, general advice and the development of economic machining strategies.

  • Technology centre

    Rehearsing for the real thing: In the technology centre in Aalen, customers have many options for trying out machining operations or doing tests.

  • Reconditioning

    MAPAL customers receive their reconditioned tools back in manufacturer quality within a very short time. Also available with pick-up and delivery service upon request.

  • Tool logistics

    Economic efficiency even in the periphery of machining: With intelligent output systems and setting fixtures, MAPAL significantly reduces non-productive times.

  • Digitisation

    Quick and easy digitisation: The c-Connect Box digitally transmits measurement data from the setting fixture to the machine tool. It also monitors the machine status among other things.

  • Training

    Comprehensive on-site training at the customer or in the MAPAL Academy at the headquarters in Aalen.

Technology & Solutions

Product programme & highlights

  • 1 / 14

    OptiMill-3D-BN ball cutter

    High precision machining of 3D contours:

    • High precision milling cutters with a high level of radius accuracy
    • With and without working depth
    • Available in cylindrical and conical forms
    • For a wide range of materials
    • Wide selection for hard and soft machining of steel
    • Different numbers of teeth available
  • 2 / 14

    OptiMill-3D-CR corner radius milling cutter

    Milling with a very precise corner radius

    • ​​​​​​​Finishing of 3D moulds
    • High precision corner radius with high level of radius accuracy
    • For a wide range of materials
    • Wide selection for hard and soft machining of steel
    • Different numbers of teeth available
  • 3 / 14

    OptiMill-3D-CS shoulder radius milling cutter

    Milling with a large operating radius

    • ​​​​Finishing of complex free-form surfaces and complicated workpiece geometries
    • Higher axial material removal rate with a much better surface finish compared to a full radius milling cutter
    • Short machining time due to large line interlacing​​​​​​​
    • Teardrop form and taper shape
  • 4 / 14

    OptiMill-3D-HF high-feed milling cutter

    Milling at high feed rates

    • Perfect for high-feed machining with a high material removal rate and high process reliability
    • For the hard and soft machining of steel in particular
    • Different numbers of teeth available
    • Extremely quiet running​​​​​​​
    • High process reliability thanks to innovative face geometry
  • 5 / 14

    OptiMill shoulder milling cutter

    Different variants made of solid carbide and with indexable inserts for roughing, finishing, groove milling, ramps and pocket milling

    • ​​​​​​​For 2D/2.5D machining
    • Extremely long tool life
    • Excellent dimensional accuracy
    • Designs available with different lengths
    • For a wide range of applications and materials
  • 6 / 14

    OptiMill-Trochoid trochoidal milling cutter

    Trochoidal milling

    • Maximum material removal rate while providing an excellent surface finish
    • Pre-machining and fine machining with one tool
    • Cutting depth up to 5xD
    • Extra long cutting tool
    • Optimised unequal spacing and finely balanced cutting tool for protecting the machine spindle and a longer tool life
    • ​​​​​​​Chip breaker for optimum chip control
  • 7 / 14

    OptiMill chamfer and deburring milling cutters, engravers

    • Economic chamfering and deburring of pre-machined parts
    • Engravers for engraving fonts and contours and for copy milling
    • Drill milling cutter for combination machining in one machining step, especially for sheet metal and thin-walled parts
  • 8 / 14

    NeoMill-3D-Ballnose and NeoMill-3D-Torus ball and toric end milling cutters

    Pre-finishing and finishing of 3D contours

    • ​​​​​​​Universal milling system to ensure maximum productivity
    • A tool body with ball and toric plates for pre-finishing and finishing
    • Special tool body for toric plates with the highest precision and process reliability requirements
    • Highly accurate rotational tolerances
    • Perfect surfaces thanks to low-vibration solid carbide tools
    • Increased process reliability guaranteed by using ultrafine grain carbides
    • Available as shank and screw-in milling cutters
  • 9 / 14

    NeoMill-ISO-360 round-insert milling cutters

    Roughing and pre-finishing of 3D contours

    • ​​​​​​​Cutting materials and chip guiding stages are available for soft machining as well as hard/finish machining
    • High-precision contours due to the indexable inserts being installed in a neutral position
    • Chip discharge protection
    • Available as shell type, shank and screw-in milling cutters​​
    • Soft cutting behaviour for low vibration machining
  • 10 / 14

    NeoMill-2-HiFeed90 and NeoMill-4-HiFeed90 high-feed and 90° shoulder milling cutters

    Milling at high feed rates

    • ​​​​​​​Universal tool system to ensure maximum productivity
    • Tool body with indexable inserts for high-feed and shoulder milling
    • Maximum rate of removal due to very high feed rates and large cutting depths
    • Tool and storage costs are reduced
    • Double-edged and four-edged indexable inserts available
    • Offered as shell type, shank and screw-in milling cutters
  • 11 / 14

    NeoMill-3D-Finish finishing milling cutter

    Finishing of 90° surfaces, face surfaces and contours

    • Axial and radial indexable wiper inserts available to provide an excellent surface finish
    • Vibration-free machining for long projections
    • ​​​​​​​Available as screw-in milling cutters
  • 12 / 14

    Drilling and countersinking

    • Double-edged and three-edged solid carbide drills for drilling from solid in steel, hardened steel, stainless steel and cast iron
    • Deep hole drill for making deep bores up to 40xD
    • Precision countersinks with unequal spacing for greater precision and better surfaces
  • 13 / 14


    Fixed multi-bladed reamers and tools with guide pads
  • 14 / 14


    • Hydraulic, thermal and mechanical chucks for reliable tool clamping and optimum machining results
    • Extensions, reducers and adapters enhance the possibilities

Highlights during milling

Highlights during drilling

Highlights during clamping


MAPAL in figures

  •  The picture shows a MAPAL groove milling cutter in use.


    Technology leader for the machining of cubic parts

  •  In the picture, the viewer takes a look into the MAPAL test and development center in Aalen.


    Annual investment in research and development of 6% of turnover

  •  On the world map, the countries with MAPAL subsidiaries are highlighted in green and the countries with sales representatives in light green.


    Subsidiaries with production, sales and service in 25 countries

  • In the picture, two trainees check the accuracy of a tool.


    More than 300 trainees worldwide

  •  The picture shows a technical advisor from MAPAL in conversation with a customer.


    Over 450 technical consultants on the road

  • Two MAPAL employees at their desks can be seen in this picture.


    Our most important asset: more than 5.500 employees worldwide


Two people in conversation

Your direct contact MAPAL Team Die and Mould die-and-mould@mapal.com +49 7361 585-0